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VB and AutoItX

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What steps do I have to go through to use Autoit functions in my VBscript?? Sorry I am very new to everything

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I have not used it at all, but from that last post and link, I presume......;

1. Set up your object;

Set oAutoIt = WScript.CreateObject("AutoItX3.Control")

1.a - Use you usual syntax for if .. etc lines which do not need the AutoIt Syntax if you want.. then

2. Add to the beginning of every line;



oAutoit.WinWait title, text

3. Make a few changes directly;





I'll be interested to see how you go!

Best, Randall

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Hey randallc!

I tried your perscribed code as a VBScript and it worked like a charm except for one minor detail. I received an error regarding this statement:


In checking the documentation, I didn't see a quit method listed. I'm not terribly familiar with how VBScript handles memory, so I replaced it with

Set oAutoIt = Nothing

It ran with no errors.

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