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_pop3 gmail reacive mail?

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I'm trying to make a forum subscription responder for my pc to respond to new subscribers to my forum but the problem is the email is from the forum website and not the forum the subscriber. The forum subscribers contact address is inside the body of the email. If I can get the full body I can isolate the persons contact address and respond.

I already have the INetSmtpMailCom working for sending emails just need the contact email now.

And this func displayed works for _CheckMail but it only gets a summary of the body that does not include the portion of the email I need.

Func _CheckMail($UserName, $Pswd, $UserAgentString = "")
If Not $UserName Then Return SetError(2,0,0)
If Not $Pswd Then Return SetError(3,0,0)
If $UserAgentString Then HttpSetUserAgent($UserAgentString)
Local $source = InetRead("https://" & $UserName & ":" & $Pswd & "@gmail.google.com/gmail/feed/atom",1)
If @error Then
ConsoleWrite("!>Error Getting URL Source!" & @CR & "     404>@Error =" & @error & @CR & "    404>@Extended =" & @extended & @CR)
Return SetError(4,0,0)
If $source Then
$source = BinaryToString($source)
Return SetError(5,0,0)
If StringLeft(StringStripWS($source, 8), 46) == "<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Unauthorized</TITLE></HEAD>" Then Return SetError(6, 0, 0)
If Not Number(StringBetween($source, "<fullcount>", "</fullcount>")) Then Return SetError(0,0,0)
Local $Email = _StringBetween($source, "<entry>", "</entry>")
If @error Then Return SetError(1, 0, 0)
Local $Time
Local $Count = UBound($Email)
Local $Datum[$Count + 1][7]
$Datum[0][0] = StringBetween($source, "<title>", "</title>")
$Datum[0][1] = StringBetween($source, "<tagline>", "</tagline>")
For $i = 0 To $Count - 1
$Datum[$i+1][0] = StringBetween($Email[$i], "<title>", "</title>")
If Not $Datum[$i+1][0] Then $Datum[$i][0] = "(no subject)"
$Datum[$i+1][1] = StringBetween($Email[$i], "<name>", "</name>")
$Datum[$i+1][2] = StringBetween($Email[$i], "<email>", "</email>")
$Datum[$i+1][3] = StringBetween($Email[$i], "<summary>", "</summary>")
$Time = StringBetween($Email[$i], "<issued>", "</issued>")
$Datum[$i+1][4] = DateFromTimeDate($Time)
$Datum[$i+1][5] = TimeFromTimeDate($Time)
$Datum[$i+1][6] = StringBetween($Email[$i], "<form>", "</form>")
Return SetError(0,$Count,$Datum)
Func StringBetween($Str, $S, $E)
Local $B = _StringBetween($Str, $S, $E)
If @error Then Return SetError(1,0,0)
Return SetError(0,0,$B[0])
Func DateFromTimeDate($String)
Local $RegEx = StringRegExp($String, "(?<Year>d{2}|d{4})(?:-)(?<Month>d{1,2})(?:-)(?<Day>d{1,2})", 1)
If IsArray($RegEx) Then
Return Int($RegEx[0]) & "/" & Int($RegEx[1]) & "/" & Int($RegEx[2])
Return SetError(1, 0, 0)
Func TimeFromTimeDate($String)
Local $RegEx = StringRegExp($String, "(?<Hour>d{1,2})(?::)(?<Minute>d{1,2})(?::)(?<Second>d{1,2})", 1)
If IsArray($RegEx) Then
Return(Int($RegEx[0]) - 4) & ":" & Int($RegEx[1]) & ":" & Int($RegEx[2])
Return SetError(1, 0, 0)

I considered using Outlook but decided its not worth spending near 400$ for it so I decided to try and use POP3  what ever works as long as I can get

 the whole body of the email and not just a summary.

So after doing some digging I found several attempts >POP3.eu3 UDF>example1  ,  >example2  and others but none said they worked with Gmail SSL.


I'm open to any ideas Thank you ahead of time for any help.

Also I am on win 7 X64 if you needed to know.


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Well I did what I needed so I used Mozilla Thunderbird mail client with pop3 settings and used it to filter the email messages with the subject I needed then it saved it to a folder on my hard drive as a readable txt. I was them able to use FileReadLine and go thru the lines tell I found the subscribers contact address, then I used INetSmtpMailCom to respond to the email. So it checks my email every 4 mins for new subscribers then responds like I wanted :D thank you for your excellent help

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