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Outlook Profile Switcher


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After I always used Outlook Express, I switched to Outlook 2003.

The only thing I missed, was the identity switch. ;)

So, I made one with AutoIt. In Outlook it's a profile switch.

It's my first proggie, so some things should maybe done better.


- Language: English and Dutch

- Autostart option

- Autoswitch option

- TrayIcon

- Automaticly get profiles out of registry

- Set default profile after switching

Tested with Outlook 2002 with W98 and Oulook 2003 with XPSP2, and worked for me.

Maybe Outlook has better options I don't know, but it was a good practice working with AutoIt.

Also this forum was a great point to get info.



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Haven't tested it, but looks pretty nice.

One friendly coding practice suggestion - you may wish to take long strings of text used in

multiple places, i.e. registry locations, and assign them to variable names, less typing

for you, easier to update when (not if ;) ) M$ moves something, and easier to read.

Reading the help file before you post... Not only will it make you look smarter, it will make you smarter.

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Don't you get some kind of errors if you close the process by force? :P

I'd just close the main-window and wait for outlook.exe to disappear.

Closing by force has the advantage of knowing it's going to close - though the user might not be happy about losing that message they were working on ;)

If you close the window, you also have to deal w/ any exit popups - draft message save, send

queued mail, and so forth. Perhaps there's a COM way or command line option that would shut down

w/ data save defaults, but I've never seen one...

If you're going to do the backup, the process must close - you get to decide how much grace you want to

incorporate in doing so, or whether to abort the backup and scream should you not be able to close it.

Reading the help file before you post... Not only will it make you look smarter, it will make you smarter.

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I am looking to take the contents of Outlook Express (email, contacts, etc) and migrate it to Outlook 2003. I am using Windows XPsp2 and was using the free Outlook Express but now I purchased Office 2003 and want to use Outlook 2003. I would like to script this process for future use any one have any assistance. I am also switching PCs from a Windows XP to a different PC running Windows XPsp2. I know I need to copy the dbx files over to the new PC within Outlook Express then export them to Outlook 2003 thus the reason for the script. Has anyone ever done this or have a AutoIt script handy they could provide? Any and all assistance is appreciated.

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