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I am new to AutoIt but am wanting to convert some of my win32 batch scripts into GUI based AutoIt programs.

I am not really a programer outside of Batch Scripting.

What is recomended for me to do?

Is there a way to convert a .bat/.cmd file into an autoit gui based program?



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Thanks for the tip/idea

My scripts are rather simple.

Most of them are used to collect user input such as username,password, and computer name of both the localhost and a remote pc on the same network to set enviroment vars then copy files from the localhost over to the remote pc. then run commands on the remote pc based on the user credentials that are input into the script (soon to be AutoIt GUI).

In a nutshell my scripts remotley deploy programs to remote pc's on the same network. But since batch scripting prompts are a little old and ungly I wanted to learn how to use AutoIt to make it pretty looking. ;)

How would I migrate all my data from my batch scripts into an AutoIt gui?

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the best.... and i do mean the best way to start with autoit is to look in the help section... the reason why is because at the bottom of each topic there are example scripts that you can open and run..

they almost build the gui for you....

then come here with some scripting ( to show some effort) and we will help with the problem areas

these are the steps ( you also need a script editor most use SciTE)

on your computer press the following

Start > All Programs > Autoit v3 > Autoit Help File

when that loads then press the "search" tab

then type in "?your search?" and press "List Topics"

**** you can do this with any word you want

thats what i do all the time



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Also, if you download the SciTe IDE (somewhere around the main site), there is a program called GUI builder, where you can draw out your gui similar to a VS application...

I love it because I'm not good at trying to layout a GUI with just dimension numbers jumping at me ;)

Writing AutoIt scripts since

_DateAdd("d", -2, _NowCalcDate())
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