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AdminRequired compiled script not working when called from another exe

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I have a very strange situation and hoping someone can explain what is happening.

I have a compiled au3 script (call it script 1) which has #RequireAdmin.  When I run the compiled script directly from a cmd shell, it works as expected. For example on Win 7 with UAC enabled it receive the prompt to continue running.

If I call the same script from another compiled script, script 1 will not run at all.

What is weirder is that I tested the script calling the other script on another machine in a different forest/domain and it worked.

I know the first thing to look for is some GPO or machine setting, but I'm at a loss as I don't see anything in the domain which would block this.

And, again, script one works fine when called from a "regular" cmd shell, but not from a compiled exe with the same arguments.

Anyone have any pointers or suggestions as to what might be the problem or what is happening?


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How do you run Script1 from the second script?

Is the second script running as admin already?

Need more input and preferably some code the demonstrates you problem.


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The script that calls script 1 is run as a regular account, just like it is done in the cmd shell.  Script 2 calls script 1 using this command

Run("script1.exe", "", @SW_HIDE)

As I mentioned, it works fine in other domains/forests so it is not the script syntax or the fact that script 2 is calling script 1.    As a matter of fact, we've used this compiled script on different forests/domains without issue.  It appears there is something particular about this one domain or machine but I just can't figure out what it is.

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