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Condition with a regexp

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I have my string like this : 

<li class="hideTel"><strong>0800 43 67 34</strong></li>

<li class="hideTel">fax:  <strong>.03 80 43 88 37</strong></li>


And I want only the result :

<li class="hideTel"><strong>0800 43 67 34</strong></li>

If ther is the word "fax" the regexp don't must return the string


I have tested some regexp, but nothing works.

I want to do this only with a regexp within pass with a condition stringinstr.. I want optimize the code.

StringRegExp($text, '(?is)class="hideTel"(?:[fax])*(.*?)</li>' don't work

StringRegExp($text, '(?is)class="hideTel"(?:fax)*(.*?)</li>', don't work

StringRegExp($text, '(?is)class="hideTel"((?:fax).*?)</li>', dont work



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#Include <Array.au3>

$text = 'something' & @crlf & _
    '<li class="hideTel"><strong>0800 43 67 34</strong></li>' & @crlf & _
    '<li class="hideTel">fax:  <strong>.03 80 43 88 37</strong></li>' & @crlf & _
    '<li class="hideTel"><strong>0800 12 34 56</strong></li>' & @crlf & _
    '<li class="hideTel">fax:  <strong>.03 80 77 88 99</strong></li>' & @crlf & _
    'something else'

$res = StringRegExp($text, '(?is)(class="hideTel">(?!\s*fax).*?</li>)', 3)

; get the phone numbers only
$res = StringRegExp($text, '(?is)class="hideTel">(?!\s*fax).*?([\d\s]+)', 3)

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