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Need help with simple script im new to this


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I worked on a macro that loops clicks in one spot while afk. I just cant seem to turn it off when i need to.

Can any one tell me how? or tell me a tutorial that could show me?

After two days of tutorials and studying the forums i came up with this macro.


While 1

$msg = GUIGetMsg(2)




I just cant seem to find out how to make it stop or add something to stop it when i need to.

(Forgive me if I dont know what im talking about)

Thank you in advanced!

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look up the word "Pause".... this is how

on your computer press the following

Start > All Programs > Autoit v3 > Autoit Help File

when that loads then press the "search" tab

then type in "?your search?" and press "List Topics"

**** you can do this with any word you want

thats what i do all the time



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