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Monitor Log file, Close and relaunch program.

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I'm attempting to make my office a better place. The most coding I can do is take what I find on Google and attempt to modify it to my needs. Except this time I'm not really finding anything.

I'm trying to write a script to monitor an application. This app monitors codes that come in, This application crashes about ever 26 hours(multiple people share the same computer 24/7).  I've found there is a file C:Program Files(x86)MicrokeyLogLog that will show that it receives new codes. This file does not have a prefix at the end. Can I have it monitor this file for last time modified?

So if this file isn't updated in 5 minutes I want the application to be killed and restarted. 


Thanks for any help that is given,

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Here's something to toy with:

HotKeySet("{ESC}", "_Exit")
$originalTime = FileGetTime("C:\Program Files(x86)\Microkey\Log\Log", 0, 1)
Sleep(3000) ; sleep 3 seconds
$currentTime = FileGetTime("C:\Program Files(x86)\Microkey\Log\Log", 0, 1)
If $originalTime <> $currentTime Then
    MsgBox(0, "Notice", "The log file has been changed.")
    $originalTime = $currentTime ; update the time of comparison to the current time
Until _Exit

Func _Exit()

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