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Detect gui button fired event on 3rd party app gui button

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I need to detect when user click on a gui button in 3rd party app.

I mean I have to detect event, when user click LMB down on the gui button, then LMB up on the same exact gui button. As you probably know you can click and hold LMB on some element, then move mouse out of it and relase LMB, so it will not fire event. Also, you can push LMB anywhere and move it to the button and then release it, so detecting LMB up is not an option too.

I actually need to hook to the gui button pressed event somehow, is that possible?

Again, this is not gui I created but a standalone 3rd party app. and it is not always LMB, it could be enter, or space (on some buttons) or even RMB if user switched to left handed mode mouse, for example.

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