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I have a script which works fine when i execute it from explorer and select run - then the test.au3 runs ok. When i choose compile script and an exe-file is created - ex test.exe it goes fine. When i run the test.exe the script doesn't start, the only things that happens is that a window come up on the screen similiar to the window watcher-window. Anyone knowing what's wrong?


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The code looks so here:

$I = 1

While $I < 2

  WinWaitActive ( 'Ange lösen' )

  Send ( 'tore#{ENTER}' )

  Sleep ( 3000 )


Difficult to see what's wrong with what you write

I don't kow why $i is never increment but perhaps you want to change that later.

For me the pb can come from the fact that starting with explorer on .au3 does have the same working dir as executing the .exe. :whistle:

I always start my script with FileChangeDir(@Scriptdir).

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$i is never increment because it is an infinite loop - if i log off and on the application which has password-promt it will then write the password again.

I shall test FileChangeDir(@Scriptdir).


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  Send ( 'tore#{ENTER}' )

what is it you want to send here ?

"tore" & WINDOWSKEY & {ENTER}:

Send ( 'tore#{ENTER}' )


"tore#" & {ENTER} :

Send ( 'tore#',1)
 Send('{ENTER}' )

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