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Custom control? Graphic Interface Question (Scheduling script)

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I am building a script that uses a listview to display data with many columns of info for the user to see, a comment was made that if I could "somehow" make a graphic representation of this data, it would be very helpful to the end-users. 

So I am researching this possibility. 

This is a scheduling app where the users set priority on items and it represents the order in which they get completed and gives estimate on times. 

What they are asking me for now is somewhat of a Calendar View showing hour "buckets" so to speak in each day. 

Each item can be placed in the calendar and its time will "fill" buckets graphically showing blocks of time being used up (much like an outlook calendar scheduling display for meetings.) 

This is referred to as MRP (material resource planning) in our world. 

Anyone out there seen or heard of anything like this? 

As it stands I'm thinking about heavily tweaking a listview to do it... but I have my doubts. 




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Not much activity here - Wondering if this is something people shy away from. 

Listview was a BAD choice lol - there is no way to do that with any elegance. 

Researching GDI+ 

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