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[Closed] How to Know When Firefox Finished Deleting the Temporary Files?


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I am using Windows XP SP3 and Firefox latest version - 31.0.

If you open Firefox, and goto Menu: History\Clear Recent History...,
then you will see a window like this:


You can select what you want to delete,
in my case I don't want to delete the Browsing History, but just the Cache..

So I press the "Clear Now" button,
and what Firefox does, is this:
1) It closes the current window
2) it starts deleting the items you selected.

You can see the HDD LED working, it can be 5 seconds or 40 seconds, depending on how much cache there is to delete..

The problem is, that when it's done, it doesn't tell you.
No MsgBox is shown, nothing.

I need a way to know when it's done, so I can continue to another task..

Also important:
If you close Firefox in the middle when it's working,
it will not continue in background, and it will not tell you anything.
Also it will not resume this clearing operation next time you open it..

So I need to find a trick to know when it's done, so only then I will close Firefox's window..

Thank you

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