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Create artificial console

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I really like using the ConsoleWrite function in SciTE for debugging.  However, I need to install a small AutoIT application on another computer that doesn't have SciTE or AutoIT.  I need to be able to debug my applications operation on this other computer.

I would like to build a console mimic into my application.  Possible an Edit control.  I want to dump whatever would have gone to the SciTE console to this edit instead.

It can't be that hard, but for the life of me, I can't figure out the right way to do this.

Surely someone else has done this before!


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I actually came up with a mostly effective solution:

Func MyConsoleWrite($MyText) ;Sends event log to SciTE console and to application log tab

My only complaint (and I'm getting over it) is that I can't use it for any events that occur before the $Log (Edit Control) are created in the GUI.  I guess that's okay.  It will record all user events now, just not application startup events.

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