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Video Comparator (PNG frame by frame video comparison)


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Video Comparator (PNG frame by frame video comparison)
This program deprecates the biased visual comparison of video codecs and opens up a new method. All the video codecs in the world aim to compress a video source with minimal or no quality loss.
This program compares multiple video files frame by frame, to create an overall ratio of distortion from source. As the creator of this project, by no means I am claiming this study to be perfectly correct in all aspects. The differences between color spaces of videos and images differ from each other, which makes this unreliable in some situations. On rare occasions videos of different codecs or encoders may not match each other in time, which adds in an error factor. Because of that, it is always best to check the difference result images, apart from the ratio given by the program.
Although mentioned disadvantages, It will always be more reliable than a side by side comparison, without any numbers or units whatsoever.
1.0 Initial Release

Since the main package is too big to attach here;

Video Comparator



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