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Enter is a key on the keyboard.. do you mean the @CRLF characters ?

filewrite ("lol.txt", @crlf)

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do you know backspace 2?



Seriously you could open the file for editing and do a ControlSend

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You can't write a backspace to a file.** You will need to read the entire file into memory, chop off the last character and then write the file back to disk.

Something like this should do what you want:

; define location of file
 local $file = "C:\MyFile.txt"
; read file into a variable
 local $data = fileRead($file, fileGetSize($file))
; remove final character
 $data = stringTrimRight($data, 1)
; write it back
; you may not have to delete the file first (documentation says it will 'append')
 fileWrite($file, $data)

** Technically you can append a character with ASCII code 8, but this certainly won't do what you expect.

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Well, it does -- I just tested it. It depends on what's at the end of your file.

Are you trying to remove a line break? Generally a line break is two bytes long for DOS/Windows files (a CR byte and an LF byte). If you're trying to remove such a sequence then you'll need to modify the above script to remove the last two characters. Try that and let us know.

We are talking about manipulating a plain text file, right?

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I think I know what's going on -- you want the last character to be removed from a file that's open and displayed. File manipulation won't help you with that.

My code will however do what it states. If you run the code and then re-open the file, the character will be gone. If you really want to remove the character from the open file though, then you'll need to write a script that sends Ctrl+End, Backspace and Ctrl+S to the window that has the document in it. (The keys should respectively perform end-of-file, remove character and save document.)

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