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Detect mouse over button

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Sorry guys, but I'm in a hurry, and I can't find anything on google related to this.
I'd like to know when user's pointer is over my button. It would be a small prank, but it's really important to me.

(When someone tries to press that button, it jumps away)

Could anyone show me how can I know if the mouse is over my button?

Thanks a lot guys :)

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Come on, you have been arund long enough to know about prank scripts...

1. Do not ask for help with AutoIt scripts, post links to, or start discussion topics on the following subjects:

Malware of any form - trojan, virus, keylogger, spam tool, "joke/spoof" script, etc.

"Profanity is the last vestige of the feeble mind. For the man who cannot express himself forcibly through intellect must do so through shock and awe" - Spencer W. Kimball

How to get your question answered on this forum!

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