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_FFFormOptionSelect not working

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_FFFormOptionSelect failed

Ive tried a lot of thing with no success

html code:

 <select name='mm' id='month' data='birthday-drop-down' >
           <option value=''>Month</option>
<option title=January value='1'>January</option>
<option title=February value='2'>February</option>
<option title=March value='3'>March</option>
<option title=April value='4'>April</option>
<option title=May value='5'>May</option>
<option title=June value='6'>June</option>
<option title=July value='7'>July</option>
<option title=August value='8'>August</option>
<option title=September value='9'>September</option>
<option title=October value='10'>October</option>
<option title=November value='11'>November</option>
<option title=December value='12'>December</option>
#include <ff.au3>
If _FFStart("http://onlybestfreestuff.com/test.php", Default, 2) Then


I read the FFFormOptionSelect info but stiil no idea

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if someone have the same problem i resolve it with this code

   $sObj = _FFXPath("//select[@name='mm']//option[position()="2"]","",9)
_FFObj($sObj, 'selected', 'selected')
if position()="2" will select January 

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