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Help with understanding some code please?


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I recently found a frontend for chkdsk which someone created which you can see here http://www.wieldraaijer.nl/

I liked how the utility lists connected drives with the various columns and information, so I asked Emile for help and was kind enough to share the piece of code for this function, however I'm having a hard time understanding it to be able to intergrate it into my works, please can anyone help me by providing a working sample script using the code with full comments to help me understand it? Obviously the code doesn't work as-is because its not complete. Emile didn't want to share the full program source which is understandable which is also why I dont want to keep asking him for help. As it's not my code i'm not sure if I should just post it freely, but if anyone can help I can pm you the code.


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am632, first off please be aware that this forum is dedicated to helping users with their scripts; it is not a place where you tell us what you want and we barf up code for you. Secondly, the link you provide is to the download site - how would you expect anyone to assist you when you don't provide the source you're asking for assistance on?

Lastly, if you would like to learn how to do something similar, rather than having code that you do not understand spoon fed to you, I would suggest looking in the Help file Index under Drive and check out the dozen or so different commands listed there. Study them, run the example scripts with each, and then try something on your own. It is much more likely to stick if done this way rather than someone doing it for you.

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