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Guest Dj Saturn


i need help with the input box --> GUICtrlCreateInput .... maybe you would suggest something else

but i want to be able to type letters into one input box then have a different letter come out on another box, (does not have to be input)

so when i type cool it would come out as [00|.

i guess i would use Hotkeyset maybe but im not too sure!

im new to this great autoit!!!

so help please! thank you!!

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this will do the trick

Dim $final = ""

$value = InputBox("Word Changer", "Type in your word ", "cool")

$result = StringSplit($value, "")

For $x = 1 to $result[0]
    If $result[$x] = "c" then $final = $final & "["
    If $result[$x] = "o" then $final = $final & "0"
    If $result[$x] = "l" then $final = $final & "|"
; continue as you like

MsgBox(0, "Results", $final)

hope that helps



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There are several solutions. You could check the Input for the text in a loop, and when the text is equal to "cool", it could write "[oo]" in the other input. Or you could use HotKetSet, and for each charater you input, it could type something different in the other input...

Does that make any sense to you?

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