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Scite not working correctly with .au3 files


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I already had Scite previous to any knowledge or use of AutoIt.  I have downloaded and installed the Scite4AutoIt3 package, but it does not work with .au3 files.  Is this due to my existing Scite global files?  Is it possible to use the Scite4AutoIt3 version of Scite separately from my other Scite, which I have been using for other types of files?  None of the AutoIt features is working, except that the icon has the "A" on it.  Otherwise, it works exactly like my original Scite.

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"it does not work with .au3 files" - Do you think, perhaps, you could provide just a bit more information than this?? How about a specific example of what it is not doing, or a screenshot, rather than asking us to guess? Help us help you ;)

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