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Installation Problem

Guest Greg Chapman

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Guest Greg Chapman

I have just downloaded the ZIP file and placed the contents in C:/Program Files/AutoIt3.

I then attempted to walk through the "Hello World" tutorial, but there isn't the AutoIt Script option on the menu in Explrer (As expected!).

The Help file shows various registry keys that would have been created had I used the EXE download, but none of them appear to be the ones I would expect in order to generate the entries shown in the Help file.

What keys do I need to add to the registry to complete the walk through?


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Welcome to the forums Greg!

If you want to add an entry for AutoIt scripts in the 'New' area of the right-click menu, you need to create an empty file with a .au3 extension in a folder called SendTo on your system. Depending on your flavour of Windows this will vary, but a hard drive search will find the right location. It'll probably be in your Windows folder or a folder with your name under Documents and Settings.

Having said all that, you don't need this in order to script with AutoIt. You can open Notepad (or your desired weapon of choice) and type out a script as usual, and then being sure to save the file with a .au3 extension (and in plain text format) when the time comes.

Of course, you won't be able to double-click .au3 files to run them yet. To manually set that up you'll need to right-click a .au3 file, select Open With and then select AutoIt. After that point though, everything should be fine.

It still would be in your best interests to obtain the EXE installer and run that, because there's an oft-used command called #include that simply won't work as expected if it can't find the registry entries it needs (you'll need to find each script that uses this, which includes almost all of the example scripts, and add the full filepaths). Don't worry -- the AutoIt installer is nice 'n' clean. ;) I wouldn't be using it myself otherwise.

All the best!

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