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Start Word With "dot" To Open In Hide-mode


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Hi All!

I want to modify the normal.dot for a few users.

The script should be placed in the logon-script and the user shouldn't see anything about the actions of the normal.dot. :whistle:

So my script :

$shortname=FileGetShortName ( "C:\somewhere\old-normal.dot" )
     Run ( @ProgramFilesDir & "\Microsoft Office\Office\winword.exe " & $shortname, "", @SW_HIDE )


;    RunWait ( @ProgramFilesDir & "\Microsoft Office\Office\winword.exe " & "C:\somewhere\old-normal.dot", "", @SW_HIDE )

In this case @SW_HIDE does not work B) why?

Can anyone help me?



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There is no promise that a window will obey the state flag you pass it. Most do, but not all do. About all you can do is run Word and manually hide it after it appears (Will cause a flicker on screen, though).

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