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hi guys,

i am working on a project atm and i currently have a sql server 2012 database containing data.

What im needing to do is create 2 applications, 1 for internal (able to change and insert data into the database) and 1 for external (view only) 

I am 100% new to C# and im not sure how i can connect my current database to a c# application, i know how to create one within the c# application but not have them linked as such. 

In addition to this i need the external (view only) to be accessible at all times even when the server is offline so some sort of way of doing this.

doesnt have to be fancy or pretty i just need it to be functional - im not asking anyone to do anything for me im simply asking for help with what steps i need to take e.g you need to look into this this this and this as im trying to search but its very hard to find what your looking for when you dont know the correct question you should be asking! :(

Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated!

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Have found this and i have my SQL linked to my windows form! now trying to figure out the other bits lol.. any tips, places to find info would be great.

Have got my database linked and view in the form but not sure how to have the data load to the form. etc... :( anyone able to assist? if anyone is pro at this and willing to spend some time on skype helping answer any questions i have i will happily pay lol

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