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Advanced Pixel Search Library - FindFast - Multiple Monitors

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I just started some initial testing of the "Advanced Pixel Search Library" (FindFast).  From what I've read, it seems like it would work much faster for me than the "normal" AutoIT pixel functions.

However, I have a "multiple monitor" setup with video pixels ranging from (-1280 to 4239) x (0 to 1049) spanning 4 physical monitors.

When I attempt to execute a FFSnapShot using any coordinate ranges outside my "primary monitor #2" (0-1679 x 0-1049) FFSnapShot generates an "IsArray($Res)):1 - Ubound($Res):6 -$Res[0]:0" error.

I have an application on monitor #1 (which uses negative x values) that I need to capture from - but I am unable to do so.  Curiously, I also can't capture from monitor #3 or #4 - which use positive x values > 1679?

Am I missing something simple here?

The "WinGetHandle" method works (for an entire window) regardless of which physical monitor the window is located on - so I know the FFSnapShot can "see" the entire display set up.  But using a "snapshot" of an entire window isn't feasible.

Does anyone else use this library in a multi-monitor setup?

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After further research, it appears there are other issues as well.  Using just a "single monitor" when you request a small snapshot (in my test case, 60x60 pixels) it actually captures the entire screen.  Again, this may be "user error" - but so far I haven't figured out what I'm doing wrong. :shifty:

****************************** FastFind 2.2 ©FastFrench 2013 ********
  Started  Sat Sep 06 12:18:16 2014

           650.633µS|ChangeMode(231) => m_bDebugGraphique=1, m_DebugModeTxt=  E3
SnapShot( (0,0,60,60), 0) hWnd:00010010 "" Client Only:true => SnapShot( (0,0,0,0), 0) hWnd:00010010 "" Client Only:true =>             28.769mS|SnapShot(N°:0, HWND:0x00010010) => Window Position (Title:"") = (0, 0, 1680, 1050) => (0, 0, 1680, 1050)
            52.948mS|SaveJPG(0, mytestsnapshot) saved into mytestsnapshot.jpg (Client area : 1681 x 1051)

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