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Help with auto scripting Lavasoft's Ad-Aware


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I am trying to write a script in which will install lavasoft's Ad-aware, install all upgrades, run the software, fix selected problems, and then uninstall.

Reason for doing this is because i am trying to use this script to do a spyware cleaning push through Novell using Zenworks.

I can get it to install and uninstall no problem. i can even get it to update because of how the install is setup (but it's not a clean code), but i can't get it to continue running. Issue is that ad-aware's GUI doesn't make it easy to write a script for it.

I would be greatful for any help, and if any of you have written such a script or have a better way of doing it, please let me know.

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Adaware Pro or Personal. The Pro version has some parameters to run some of this processes

path\adaware.exe /custom +archives +update +auto
It's the personal edition. The whole problem with this is that the software has to be uninstalled after because it is not an "authorized" softwrae for the office.
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