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[FF.au3] Stuck in __FFWaitForRepl


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Hi, i did recently a script using FF.au3 functions, and the script, which is an loop of repetitive actions on firefox, it works fine. But after a couple of hours of running the script it gets an error, i mean, i think that mozrepl does stop working after a few hours..

I suspect of that because the output of the script gets full of this:

__FFWaitForRepl ==> Timeout: 30033ms > 30000ms $iTimeOut
__FFWaitForRepl ==> Timeout: 30031ms > 30000ms $iTimeOut
__FFWaitForRepl ==> Timeout: 30033ms > 30000ms $iTimeOut
__FFWaitForRepl ==> Timeout: 30032ms > 30000ms $iTimeOut

__FFWaitForRepl ==> Timeout: 30033ms > 30000ms $iTimeOut

__FFWaitForRepl ==> Timeout: 2090ms > 2000ms $iTimeOut

Is there any problems known about mozrepl and long running scripts? (And yeah, i tried to search but didnt get a solution)

Byw, i already tried the solution of >this topic, still giving the error :(

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