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Interesting restriction? User's cannot copy text from my elevated/task-executed autoit application's IE control

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Hi all!


For a long time, I had issues with raising my application's privileges to the highest possible / admin, while still having the application run at login. I managed to get work-arounds in place to avoid requiring this elevation, but now in the end, I realized I was in need of the elevated rights of my application at startup (messy I know).

So after finally getting it to work by making my application run as a task at login on every employee computer in my office, my application now runs with elevated rights flawlessly.

The issue

As my application now runs as a task with elevated rights, my users can no longer copy text from my GUI, namely they cannot copy text from my IE object in my GUI.

Does anyone know the problem/solution to this? I feel like I'm approaching deep waters in terms of user rights etc..

(by copying text I am referring to the clipboard)

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Please close this thread as resolved. I found this after making a thread (d'oh).

This has nothing to do with elevated rights, it's simply because I compiled it with a newer version of AutoIt.

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