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How open a registered extension file with script, prevent multiples session's script?


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Hi forum!

The concept's script is simple.

I create a single text file and change your extension to "try".

I use the guinness's >UDF to associate extension and open the file with the script.

First, open "form.exe", they open show nothing and let guinness's UDF registry make the association.

Then, close "form.exe".

If you double click "01.try", they open form.exe and show a white label with "C:yourpath01.try".

The dificult starting now...

With "form.exe" opened, I want show a recent clicked (somefile.try) file in label...


When "form.exe" is opened, I can't work with _Singleton to prevent that script is reopened.

Open two or more scripts is not wanted (I want prevent multiple script session).

I want one/only script session and if you click a new file (somefile.try), it will be load in "form.exe".

Somebody can help me? Or show me a example like this concept?

Best regards,



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