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Just curious.

Anybody have a Wemo switch or two at home?  I enjoy mine and use them to control some lamps and the kids tv.  

The Wemo program sucks but being how it interfaces with IFTTT that is what really makes them powerful.

Still even with IFTTT I do not have a super fast/easy way to turn on/off a switch without opening the app or using one of my IFTTT triggers like a text message.

I am looking for a way to make a GUI or a script that can turn on/off my switches with AutoIT so I can do it easy from my computer desktop with a few clicks.

Just not sure the best/easiest way to interface Wemo stuff to AutoIT.

Directly it would most probably need to be network command related (seen these switches "used" from Backtrack by sending commands to the wireless network) so the much easier way is probably by interfacing to an IFTTT trigger.  What is the best/easiest one I have no idea so came here to ask.

Bonus points if there is some way to see current switch status of off/on and show that in GUI.


For now my first starting place will be create an e-mail trigger and try the SMTP UDF we have to send a mail.  I have not gotten that UDF working  yet but maybe its the firewall I am behind right now so I'll try again later at home.

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Just bumping this up, WeMo has gotten a lot bigger and IFTTT also has a lot more new interaction points so wonder if anybody had good ideas.

I got it working by the way but not working as well as I would like.

I ended up using IFTTT to turn off/on the switches via e-mail with a certain subject.

Then used AutoIT to send e-mail via GUI by the CMD driven e-mail program Stunnel and Something Else (free e-mail cmd program)

Problem is the e-mail/tunnel did not work so well it seems like only ever 2 minutes would it send the cmd and work if you worked too.  I think the issue really fell in the secure tunnel and how it interfaced to gmail.  Still I would love a direct way of doing it if possible rather than sending e-mails off to the void. 

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