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how to pass parameters to a VBA function?

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I have the following VBA statement which i want to run through AutoIT via COM

ActiveDocument.Close SaveChanges:=wdDoNotSaveChanges


I have this in AutoIT which works:

$oWord = ObjCreate("Word.Application")


But how can i append the VBA function parameter ("SaveChanges=False")?

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Thanks, i didn't know that. By the way i found out that you have to use exactly the same order of parameters to pass to the VBA method. In case you have VBA constants, you have to look them up via pressing F2 in the VBA editor

So in my example (but there is an official function for that would be:



You always have to pass the complete parameters in the correct order to the function call if you use it like above. You can get the defaults from the Microsoft documentation.

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