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Using DLL Functions - AU3_ClipGet

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I am writing a code in Excel (VBA) to get the Clipboard contents using the Autoit DLL. But I am not able to get it work. It is giving wrong Output.

Here is my code:

Public Declare Sub AU3_ClipGet Lib "C:\Windows\System32\AutoItX3.dll" (ByVal szClip As LongPtr, ByVal nBufSize As Integer)

Sub Autoit_ClipGet()
Dim ClipPtr As LongPtr, ClipContents As String, StrClip As String
StrClip = ""
ClipPtr = StrPtr(StrClip)
AU3_ClipGet ClipPtr, Len(ClipPtr)
MsgBox ClipPtr
End Sub

Am I missing something? Not Sure.

Expecting some expert advice to get this work. Please help.

Thanks in advance for help.


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I did not test the AU3_DLL with excel, but you could get the clipboard contents this way: http://excel-macro.tutorialhorizon.com/vba-excel-get-text-from-the-windows-clipboard/

Edit: Tried both versions with success:

Const DATAOBJECT_BINDING As String = "new:{1C3B4210-F441-11CE-B9EA-00AA006B1A69}"
Public Declare Sub AU3_ClipGet Lib "C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\AutoItX\AutoItX3.dll" (ByVal szClip As Long, ByVal nBufSize As Integer)

Public Function PasteFromClipboard() As String
    On Error GoTo Whoa

    With CreateObject(DATAOBJECT_BINDING)
        PasteFromClipboard = .GetText
    End With
    Exit Function
   'If Err <> 0 Then MsgBox "Data on clipboard is not text or is empty"
   'PasteFromClipboard = ""
End Function
Public Sub ShowTextFromClipBoard()
    If (CountClipboardFormats() = 0) = True Then
        MsgBox "Clipboard is empty"
        MsgBox PasteFromClipboard()
    End If
End Sub

Sub Autoit_ClipGet()
    Dim StrClip As String
    StrClip = Space(2048)
    AU3_ClipGet StrPtr(StrClip), 2048
    MsgBox StrClip
End Sub
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