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windows 7 Pro Task Scheduler not working correctly / question

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       I'm having some issues with task scheduler on windows 7 pro. I figured you guys probably are using task scheduler to run some of your scripts and I'm wondering if you guys have run into issues??  I'm having issues with my 2 main scripts. 




@ 4:40am I run an autologin script that works perfect. Once it runs, it restarts the PC and it auto logs in using my login info . 



@4:50am I run a script that uses CURL and autoit  FTP functions. I got this one so it is using CURL correctly and building my file correctly but it isn't uploading the file to the server. I can open task scheduler / right click > run and it works. It ran this morning and built my JSON file but it didn't upload it to my server which is part of the script itself. 


@5:35 I have a script to run that uses active windows that downloads PDF's using IE and it didn't work correctly this morning either. There were no new files saved to the PC which is part of the scripts task along with uploading them to my server as well. 



For both task, I have the task scheduler setting set like this. Actions > Program/script> full location for the file and in the Start in section > the dir where the script is located. Run with highest Privileges is checked and Run only when user is logged on is selected ( my auto login script automatically logs me on prior to these running) Configure for Win 7 is selected. 


Is there something that I'm missing or something else I can try. I just moved from Win XP to Win 7 and I never had these issues in XP. 

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