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A Login and Logout Bot , but im a NOOB

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I need a Login bot. He have to Login On a site. He use a Database with usernames and passwords. He Login with One Account and then he Logout and Login in the ansteht account. I dont can do this can anyone help me PLZ ? I cant so something. I will be soooooo happy when some One will make it me, i want to learn AutoIT but i need it really fast . Please

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How I want this person to learn AutoIt and not beg!!!   I need it right now! REAL FAST!!!   PLEASE!!!!!!  I will be so happy when YOU learn!!!!!



Now with the Serious response: 

This isn't Burger king and we do not serve up code piping hot. If anything what you are asking for has LOTS of questions:

1. Is it for a game? If yes, then read the forum rules. Game automation is a 100% not gonna happen here and thinking you can get around it by removing game references....that doesn't work either. Been there, seen it , got the t-shirt and the popcorn...

2. You Really want to learn AutoIt? Then you should know we well teach you to fish, not give you fish.

3. You HAVE to make an attempt on what you want to do and POST your code.

4. Begging is ANNOYING as hell. If this is how you treat others then you will learn fast - folks are NOT down with that.

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