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Hard to explain

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I wanna make a 'healbot' for a game called KalOnline.

I want the bot to check if it has lost HP.

It has to scan for red colors, but i really cant figure out to make it search for the color and calculate how many % i've got left.

The HP bar looks like this Posted Image]Picture

Thanks, guys!


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use au3info.exe... location

on your computer > start > programs > autoit3 > au3info.exe

this will give you the color and info x and y for location


find pixelsearch in the help file..... like this

help has very good demo's at the bottom of each page

on your computer press the following

Start > All Programs > Autoit v3 > Autoit Help File

when that loads then press the "search" tab

then type in "?your search?" and press "List Topics"

**** you can do this with any word you want

thats what i do all the time


i suggest you think in reverse utilizing pixel search

at a certain position on that red bar ( thinking it deminishes )

If NOT "color red" then

; do something



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