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is there any way to send an email without launching any external programs? (or no visible ones at least?)

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The first time I found this forum, I went through every post, expecially in Scripts and Scraps. It took a while , but since then, I just read the forum every day. What to do is..just copy All scripts you find and put them in a folder ... for instance (EMAIL) (GAMES) etc. Then you will know exactly what is available here and the limitiations. I am not a programmer, and I hate to ask people to give away their pet projects, but I have managed to get by on what I salvaged from the many generous offerings posted. Take time to research..expecially AZIMEERS mail...it works!! Wow. I dont even need POP mail or YPOPS to send out quick one liners. Found that one without even trying.... : Hey...dont use that at the Internet cafes. Wow..I met one guy sitting next to me at the Internet Cafe doing International Money transfers from his Bank. DOH! I showed him what somebody could do just by copying his text and pasting it in the hidden mail program , automatically. He was in the PHILIPPINES! I said..get off your computer and get on that telephone..No..not the Wireless..Use the old fashioned land line. Nobody cares about that anymore. Me, I am so scared that I do all my banking in PERSON. ;) Funny..most banks dont tell you not to use the internet cafe. HAVE A NICE DAY. AND DONT USE GUI FUNCTIONS TO IMITATE YAHOO SIGN INS TO TRANSMIT IDS AND PASSWORDS!!!!! CAUGHT MY GAL MESSING AROUND WIITH THAT ONE

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That sounds like too much pills.... drugs is bad.

as for email question read the smtp rfc and the pop rfc (see google)

then checkup on working with tcp socket functions and make your own smtp client its as simple as that

-RFC 821 (rfc821) - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

-RFC 1939 (rfc1939) - Post Office Protocol - Version 3

-using sockets see manual of newest beta autoit and forum

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