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How the hell I click this link?(firefox UDF)

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Fighting with it 2 days already...  :x  Link HTML:

<a id="viewW2Box1To20_next" class="btn ansLg pull-right" data-set="{'FLOW_SCOPE_983482968618.navValue' : 'Continue'}" data-nav="save">



Tried to click it like this:

_FFClick("viewW2Box1To20_next", "id")

like this:


like this:

$oLink = _FFObjGet("viewW2Box1To20_next")
_FFDispatchEvent($oLink, "select")
_FFDispatchEvent($oLink, "focus")
_FFDispatchEvent($oLink, "mousedown")
_FFDispatchEvent($oLink, "mouseup")
_FFDispatchEvent($oLink, "click")
_FFDispatchEvent($oLink, "keydown")
_FFDispatchEvent($oLink, "keyup")
_FFDispatchEvent($oLink, "keypress")

and some other combinations, but nothing seems to work. So I would be really grateful for any ideas or hints.

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You will need to provide more details if you want help. Is this a website that is accessible to the public? If so, what's the website? What was the output in the Scite window when you ran the above commands?

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