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Send Command And Win9x

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Hi, I just did a search and came up empty to decided to post this. Has anyone seen an anamoly when using a Ver3 script on Win9x with regards to the mouse and Send commands? It seems the mouse won't click and the Send commands aren't accepted? Same script works fine on a WinXP or Win2k box. Any ideas?

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For instance I just did a quick test using the following:

Send("Hello world!")


I used Notepad as the active window for this test. The expected result would have been:

Hello world!2:13 PM 3/23/04

However all I got was:

Hello world!

I then tried this:

Send("Hello world!{ENTER}")


Expected result:

Hello world!

2:13 PM 3/23/04

However the actual result was:

Hello world!2:13 PM 3/23/04

So as you can see something is not quite right here! Any ideas?

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Send("Hello world!",1)



Sends simulated keystrokes to the active window.

Send ( "keys" [, flag])


keys The sequence of keys to send.

flag [optional] Changes how "keys" is processed:

  flag = 0 (default), Text contains special characters like + and ! to indicate SHIFT and ALT key presses.

  flag = 1, keys are sent raw.

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