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Clicking on some button by id

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Part from the HTML code:


<div id="main-container">
        <div id="mainViewMessages"></div>
        <header id="toolbar">
            <img id="logo-img" src="images/01_Logo_temp.png" alt="logo" title="IDB graphic viewer logo" />
            <!-- <img id="logo-img" src="images/coolStyleTopLogoFrontline.png" alt="logo" title="IDB viewer logo" /> -->
            <h1 id="title">&lt;Job Name&gt;</h1>

           <div class="tool-button tool-button-36"  title="Open Job" id="open-job-dialog-button"></div>


We have some new program we build in the web in the HTML we create some button id="open-job-dialog-button"

I create a test in autoit and want to click on this id button (by the id and not by mouseclck with the positions).

I am trying controlclick but failed. Can you give me some function that with this?

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Actually I dont hav experience in AutoIt. I try what you say and also "controlclick" function and also not getting the right results.

Can you give me the lines I suppose to write in order to click this specefic button (by the HTML code I added)?

In addition I need it work also with Chrome and FireFox. :(

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This isn't a forum where you can come and expect others to write your code for you. I've already pointed you to the command that will help you do this with IE. Write some code and then come back and post it here for further assistance. :thumbsup:

As far as Chrome and Firefox, you may want to check >this thread in the Example Scripts section.

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