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FileWrite does not work for Danish symbols

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Trying on my own leisure to work with a XML file. And it contains danish words such as "Påhængsvogn". Now, FileReadLine works excellent, it returns exactly that in fact I copied it from console thanks to FileReadLine! But, if I use FileWrite, the letters "å" and "æ" returns into an odd E5 and E6 value (there are some more down the code but nothing I would hope to try dig up. Similar principle)... Is there any sort of reason for it? My code is as dirty as a dog playing in mud, but here is is:

#include <File.au3>
#include <array.au3>

Local $Path = "C:\Danska Regnr\"
Local $aArray[1001]
Local $LineNumbers = 100000
Local $SourceFile = FileOpen($Path & "ESStatistikListeModtag.xml")
Local $ExtractedFile = FileOpen($Path & "First " & $LineNumbers & " lines.xml", 10)

ConsoleWrite(FileReadLine($SourceFile, 7) & @LF)

For $i = 1 To $LineNumbers
   FileWrite($ExtractedFile, FileReadLine($SourceFile, $i))
   If $i <> $LineNumbers Then FileWrite($ExtractedFile, @LF)
;~ FileWrite

I've done some hard cleaning, so I can't validate it's working. But it should since I do not think I've removed anything critical.

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it is how you open the file for writing 

these chars translate to HEX E5 and E6

å 229 E5 345   æ 230 E6 346


The default mode when writing text is ANSI so need to open the write mode as unicode

  $FO_UTF8 (128) = Use Unicode UTF8 (with BOM) reading and writing mode. Reading does not override existing BOM. 

Try this:

$f = FileOpen($Path & "First " & $LineNumbers & " lines.xml",138)

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Awesome! That did the trick!! It's kinda confusing, but still makes sense! xD Let's hope I can fix the rest now then. Thank you!

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I too recently noticed that this function of mine that writes away a column of text from an array doesn't seem to properly display some special characters (for example an ellips) in the resulting .txt file.

Can this be solved by f.e. including a FileOpen( $_filePath, 256+2 ) somewhere while still keeping my _FileWriteFromArray ...?

I'm only overwriting this file, so what would be the best code?

Do I then also have to use FileClose just before EndFunc?

Func _flushToFile()

        Local $_filePath = @ScriptDir & "\recent.txt"
;~      FileOpen( $_filePath, 256+2 )                       ; ok to add UTF-8...?
        _FileWriteFromArray($_filePath, _ArrayExtract($aArray, Default, Default, 1, 1) )
;~      FileClose( $_filePath )                             ; necessary?


Thx :)

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_FileWriteFromArray will take the handle, returned by FileOpen, as the first parameter, so yes you can use FileOpen to open the file(s) in Unicode mode and write to them with _FIleWriteToArray. You would also need the FileClose statement when you're done reading or writing to the file.

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Thx BrewManNH  :)

Turns out it was ok after all (in the beta).

Out of habit I was checking the text file with Total Commander's Lister (F3).

Even though that says "UTF-8", my ellipsis was displayed as a black square.

In notepad everything looks ok without needing the FileOpen stuff (which could be thanks to the AutoIt beta's new UTF-8 features too).

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