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Reading the timestap on a file

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Hello, my first post here...

EDIT: Now I see that I spelled the topic wrong, it should be "Timestamp"... Sorry!

I'm going to communicate with a program (lets call it "Benny") by writing messages to "file 1" and reading from "file 2" (this is the only possible way). The AutoIt script could be called "Sven".

The sequence will always be:

Benny: Command (writing to "file 1")

Sven: Reading "file 1" and executing the command (actually sending the command through socket messaging to another program)

Sven: Command accompished (writing to "file 2")

But if something happens during the sequence, I need to have some error handling...

To know who communicated the last time, I would like to read the timestamp from the "file 1" and manipulate the timestap on "file 2".

I thought that "FileGetTime" should do the work, BUT I could only get seconds, I need milliseconds to really use this in a secure way.

After I send the "Command accompished" by writing to "file 2", I was thinking of changing the timestap on "file 2" to be the same as "file 1", to know that the current command have been executed (if the program have to restart). Or maybe just knowing that the "file 2" changed after "file 1" is enough.

So, is there any smart way to get milliseconds from the time stamp?

Have in mind that the program that I'm communicating with (Benny) can not send time in any way.

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