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DM ClassicRadio

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hi this is a small Internet radio player I been working on for the past week. it's still not completely finished yet but it is functional it comes with some added channels, you can Play, Stop, Pause Change volume, option to open URLS from the Internet and mute the sound. Note to make this work you need the WMPlayer.ocx. also the stations at the moment need to be edited in notepad, As i have to still yet think of an idea to allow you to add your own.

Anyway hope you like it



On Error Resume Pulling Hair Out.

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For alternatives to wmp, checkout





Your first link is a perl script, which requires quite a bit of work to convert to Windows.

Your second link shows nothing but white for me. (Possibly blocking 99% of the site due to trackers/spam)

Third link leads to a Professor's page at a german university, and upon googling m3w, it appears to be a streamer (uplaods to server), not a program which can help listen to music.

I suggest mplayer or ffmpeg.

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