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Fun script to create TeamSpeak 3 Unique ID's that start with actual words (new version)

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I have made the source and related files available on the video description. The video shows the script working. It uses jerry rigged automation since I cannot directly interact with the GUI's controls since it is using QT or what ever for the GUI. It was just a fun little project I came up with to see if I could automate such a program using tabs and other keys with mouse clicks (window coords). The goal is to create ID's forever and export the ones that begin with words. It is not really all that useful, especially since most people would never even see your UID unless they ban you. But it was fun to make. I had to cobble multiple generic English and separate UK and US only word dictionary files into one, remove 1-2 character words, words with non-alphabetic characters and anything longer than 7 characters. All the files are included.

This is not the same script as shown in my question about why Tidy.exe was crashing. This is a rework with the aim on speeding up the whole process, coupled with reworking the dictionary files.


So, this is useless but fun :) Only run this in a VMware or other virtualization system, because if the automation ever goes crazy it could start deleting files and clicking on weird things perhaps. I am only releasing the source, so you can review it/tweak it and compile it yourself so you know it is safe.

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