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Problem with NULL - Chr(0) *sending TCP*

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Hello, i have a problem. I want to send a packet via TCP Send function, but what with a null character?


; That's how my packet should look like:
;09 00 8C AE 80 AF 7D 07 20 0E 01 (SIZE: 11)

$socket = TCPConnect($IPadress, $Port)

$A = 0x09
$B = 0x00
$C = 0x8C
$D = 0xAE
$E = 0x80
$F = 0xAF
$G = 0x7D
$H = 0x07
$I = 0x20
$J = 0x0E
$K = 0x01

$data = Chr($A) & Chr($B) & Chr($C) & Chr($D) & Chr($E) & Chr($F) & Chr($G) & Chr($H) & Chr($I) & Chr($J) & Chr($K)

TCPSend($socket, $data)


;Now - the sent packet looks bad (I used sniffer to check it):
;09 8C AE 80 AF 7D 07 20 0E 01 (SIZE: 10)

I can't send the Chr(0) NULL 00 thing! But it is very needed in my packet (as you know).

I'm using beta .66, but I can use newer if needed.

Please - any solution code for my problem.


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Do I really have to explain why my packet MUST look like

09 00 8C AE 80 AF 7D 07 20 0E 01

not like

09 8C AE 80 AF 7D 07 20 0E 01


Answer is veeeeery simple: because it WONT work!

There have to be 00 in this stupid packet or the server will simply don't understeand it....

As i understood - I can only *recevie* Chr(0) in beta .80 ? Not send ?

Damn, so I was so close to succesfully send a packet to server... ;)

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what is the purpose of such packet?

What's it matter, JP? Who cares if he's writing a virus or sending a packet to an IRC server or a web server or it's a custom application. It's irrelevant what the packet is for, the user wants to send it and can't and wants to know how.
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