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How to capture popup bubble text using autoIt script

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We have requirment to capture the bubble message using AutoIt in web driver.

Steps to get the bubble message.

1. Right click on system tray icon.

2. Mouse hover to "Time limits".

3. Then click on "check remaining time"

4. Once we click on "check remaining time" get a tray bubble(Refer attached screen shot i.e TrayIcon_2.png), we have capture helighted popup bubble text.

Below is the autoIt script for clicking "check remaining time".

If $iSystray_ButtonNumber = -1 Then
            MsgBox(16, "Error", "Icon not found in system tray")
            _GUICtrlToolbar_ClickButton($hSysTray_Handle, $iSystray_ButtonNumber, "right")
            Send("{UP}{UP}{UP}") ;O/P - Blank
            If GetPopUpSelText() == "Time limits" Then
                ConsoleWrite("TC_1002 No Log-In Option-FAIL "&@CRLF)



I want capture the popup bubble text. Please help to do this..

Any suggestions/help would be appreciated...



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