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block comments?


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I haven't seen anything on that either so i have just been doin

;this is my coment and its starting to get out of the screen so i better

;start a new line soes i can read it


I'm gonna watch this post for an answer also

sorry i couldn't help

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I'm sure I missed it somewhere in the help file, but could someone say how to do block comments, if it is possible?

Look at this link :


Is a 'bastard' AutoIt version based on v3.075 by jpm.

See into the file dbg-bastard-4.zip and look for the file AutoIt-dbg-bastard.chm, section 'What's new' :whistle:

Manel(foscmgt #20741)

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I don't have a login for yahoo.  Are you trying to say to use the other program or that how to use block comments is located in their helpfile? :whistle:

Neither really. It's an old version of v3 (.3.0.75 I think) that has some prototype code for block comments - so it's just for testing really.
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