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Email Attach Files Array with Public User

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I have a script which will attach and send files as part of an email.  It works as intended except that when a file is located in the "UsersPublicPublic Documents" folder the attachment fails.

This is the pertinent part of the code:

$AttachFiles = "C:UsersPublicPublic DocumentsAccount ManagerAccount.dat"

Error Code:1 Description:0  is the error message.

I realize that C:UsersPublic" has a system variable of %PUBLIC%, and have tried using that as part of the filepath. I have also added an underscore for the folder "Account_Manager".

This is a Windows 7 environment with a Standard User account running the AutoIt executable.  The Account.dat file is accessible by the Standard User from either location and does not require elevation to Administrator for read/write.  The name of the Standard User account [logged on as] is Office.

What is the proper path filename to use in this scenario?


Thanks in advance.

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Just an idea...

If the Standard account is the problem

$AttachFiles = "C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Account Manager\Account.dat"
$CopyFile =  "C:\Temp\TxtFiles\"
FileCopy( $AttachFiles, $CopyFile, 9) ; 1 = overwrite existing files + 8 to create the directory
; Use "C:\Temp\TxtFiles\Account.dat" to attach
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Tried that as well.


DUH!!!  Foolish Me!

Apparently, the actual path is "C:UsersPublicDOCUMENTS".  Despite the fact that the Windows Explorer displays the path as being "C:UsersPublicPublic Documents..." in the command prompt window the folder is named "Documents" rather than "Public Documents".

Problem solved.

Thanks anyway.

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