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Clicking on a id button in Chrome- help

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Hi, I need some help :bye:

I am trying to using:  #Include <Chrome.au3> in order to clicking on button from HTML page by id (id="open-job-dialog-button") in Chrome browser.

In Internet explorer its work with the code:

$oBtn = _IEGetObjById($oIE,$IdButton)
 _IEAction($oBtn, "click")


The code I write is:

#Include <Chrome.au3>

local $oBtn2 =_ChromeObjGetHTMLById("open-job-dialog-button")

    If @error then
     msgbox(0,"error to get the object by html id",$obtn2)
     msgbox(0,"sucess to get the object by html id",$oBtn2)

I am getting a message with: {"text";"error"} that mean the variable $obtn2 include error value replace to getting some object.

In addition I search some function to clcik on the object I suppose to click on Chrome.

Please if someone know or worked with this and can help :(

#Include <Chrome.au3> include this relavant code:

Func _ChromeObjGetHTMLById($objid, $timeout = 5)

    dim $response = ""

    $response = _ChromeEval("document.getElementById('" & $objid & "').innerHTML;", $timeout)

    return $response

Func _ChromeEval($javascript_expression, $timeout = 5)

    Dim $response = ""

    if WinExists("[REGEXPTITLE:.*- Google Chrome]") Then

        FileDelete($chrome_native_messaging_host_dir & "input.txt")
        FileWrite($chrome_native_messaging_host_dir & "input.txt", $javascript_expression)

        $begin = TimerInit()

        While TimerDiff($begin) < ($timeout * 1000)

             If FileExists($chrome_native_messaging_host_dir & "output.txt") then ExitLoop

        If FileExists($chrome_native_messaging_host_dir & "output.txt") then

            $response = FileRead($chrome_native_messaging_host_dir & "output.txt")
            FileDelete($chrome_native_messaging_host_dir & "output.txt")



    Return $response


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