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Guest babychoi

Easy Key Macro

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Guest babychoi


have hundreds of pictures need to be cropped using photoshop.

For some reason, if i run the automated patch from the program, it crashses,

So i decided to do it using this program

Send ("{up}") ;

Sleep (0100) ;

Send ("{ENTER}") ;

Sleep (0100) ;

Send ("{ESCAPE}") ;

what i want to do is, hit the 'up' button

and then wait to hit enter and then hit escape.

for some reason the up doesn't work.

when i looked at other topics, they had esc rather than ESCAPE

does it matter?

thanks for your help

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Both "{ESCAPE}" and "{ESC}" are acceptable according to the help file.

You might try adding a sleep before the very first Send statement. Or use WinActivate(...) to make sure that the Photoshop window is active before the UP keypress is sent.

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