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Correcting A File's Directory Entry

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I had a problem Freecom network drive (NAS) that was so slow that sometimes the directory entries were mispelt although the data was always OK. I transferred everything over to a Seagate NAS a very long time ago but I now notice I have a few ISO files (eg. filename.iso) that appear as folders not as the files which they are (and of course they don't open as folders which was tried anyway). A Google search says that I can only fix this programatically "by dealing with the File System Object" . These files are accessible from my windows PC and my UNIX PC but I'm thinking the advice is right and that I need to fix it by creating an AutoIt script to do it.

I found this on this forum:


and by following the "See Also" link


I found that there was a missing value that I think should have been on the _WinAPI_SetFileAttributes.htm for use in changing a file "mis-typed as a folder" back to a file again (understand from the remark section that it wouldn't work the other way around changing files into folders).



Unfortunately I haven't found an example AutoIt script that may assist me in knowing how call _WinAPI_SetFileAttributes to use FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY to remove the directory bit off my files from their directory entries.

Any ideas please?

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