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Problem with ControlSend/Click and Speedfan

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Hi everyone. All my previous questions could be solved with the search function, but this time I have to post a question:

I try to edit the fanspeed editbox in SpeedFan 4.50 (looks mostly like this '>) with controlsend. So I looked up the control id and made a script:

WinActivate("SpeedFan 4.50")
ControlFocus("SpeedFan 4.50", "", "TRxSpinEdit10")
ControlSend("SpeedFan 4.50", "", "TRxSpinEdit10", "1")

(Actually I'd like to make the edit in the background, but for testing purposes I use WinActiviate.)

But except for the window coming to front, nothing happens. The cursor is not even set to the fan editbox (something I would expect by using controlfocus). I think my script looks similar to the one posted in >this post, which seems to work fine. But mine does not :/

What can I do to find out what is wrong? What could cause the controlsend to not work?


Win 7 x64

Latest AutoIt Version


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